How to Dye your own Crystals

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yeah hi I'm Robert @lw flowers calm most

people call me the flower guy today I'm

going to show you a simple test to make

your crystals eat color you want to make

them you know you can buy crystals in

various colors for a little bit more

money or you can just do it yourself at

home but I'll tell you you get them from

LW flowers calm this is kind of how it

works we sell these in a one pound bag

of polymer crystals these are going to

be the ones that kind of look like ice

they're not the round

they're not the round beads those are

called polymer beads these are gonna be

the crystals kind of like dice if you we

sell one-pound bags and one-pound bag

will make 15 gallons of polymer crystals

so you know if you're gonna do it if

you're gonna do a party it's a lot

cheaper to buy the pound and make your