How To Change The Color Of Plastic!

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Hey guys Ron here, I don't know who that dork Cameron is that seems to be all over the Internet

But today I'm gonna show you how to dye some plastic now

Typically, I would just spray-paint this stuff, but we're working on a pretty dandy cr250 here

So this time around I'm gonna do it right now in order to get this project started

We're gonna need a pan or pot that the parts will fit in some acetone

And this is the dye. It is called RIT dime or gonna be doing black on these parts and the parts

I'll be doing are the radiator guards front sprocket cover your brake line guide and just for the heck of it

I'm gonna try to do the shock bumper. This is like made of dense rubber. Not sure if it'll accept the dye

But if it does, that'll be cool because I absolutely hate that yellow color

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention we're gonna need a stovetop oven as well

Ideally, you should have this in a shop environment

So it's ventilated properly since we'll be using acetone, but I guess you could get away with doing it in the house as well

I just don't tell your significant other now

We're gonna need to clean this stuff up with Dawn dish soap or degreaser before we get to dyeing

So now we're gonna mix the dye the acetone and water

Here in this pan, and we're gonna do this at room temperature

So it doesn't react if you have hot water and you add an acetone

They'll react and could possibly burn you so we're gonna mix it at a 12% ratio for the dye

So if you're using one cup of water use about an eighth cup of dye

And then the acetone is going to be at a 5% ratio

So some of you guys might be wondering why are we using acetone for dyeing?