How to GET RID OF blue hair dye!

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hello welcome back to my channel thank

you for coming so we've gathered here

today to watch me get rid of the blue in

my hair so recently I dyed my hair green

for the holidays using the arctic fox

phantom green and then for New Year's I

used this guy here the arctic fox

aquamarine and I mean now I'm over it

the colors faded I'm ready to do a new

color so stay tuned until the end of the

video to find out what color I'm gonna

do next because it kind of depends on

what my hair is looking like after I do

all this so stay tuned for that then let

me tell you okay so I did so much

research on color removers and what

would be the best method and the safest

method to get rid of this color in my

hair so I'm gonna tell you a little bit

about what I've learned so this can help

you okay so the weapon of choice that