How To Dip Dye Socks | Ombré Nike Socks

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so I

know it's been a super a long time since

I've posted a sit-down video like this

but today I'm back and I thought I'll

show you guys a super quick easy DIY

video tutorial on how to make these

super cute I say super a lot anyway this

super cute ombre dip diet sucks I think

they just look so cute so I had to share

them with you guys I was actually

inspired by this sweater that I saw in

high pay and they had this different

colored hand dyed sucks and I thought to

myself like that's pretty easy to do so

I thought I'll show you guys and I put

my own little twist to it as well and I

decided to do like a ombre effect and I

think it worked out really well so I'm

excited to show you guys how to do it

now you don't necessarily need to do