Painting Neoprene - The Definitive Guide To Custom Painting A Wetsuit

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you can figure out how to do pretty much

anything just by searching YouTube or

Google but sometimes you can't find a

definitive answer and then you've got to

do it yourself like how to paint

neoprene and then you just have to try a

whole bunch of stuff I found lots of

answers on how to paint neoprene online

and a lot of people said they flicked or

they'd wear off or they wouldn't hold up

underwater very long this represents a

wide range of products all the way from

like 50 cents a dollar the whole way up

to a hundred dollars and I've got 14

different products that I applied to it

dried heat set now I'm gonna soak this

thing in water for a couple hours to

simulate me being in the water in my

wetsuit for a long period of time before

I start using a pressure washer on it to

see if they can hold up to abuse