how to dye your hair like a pro

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I've had a really annoying day so let's

tie my hair I was gonna dye my hair

anyways and I dyed it before and a lot

of you guys wanted me to record the

process so here we are ladies and the

guys I guess you wanna watch this [ __ ] I

just tried to talk to the camera and I

looked at myself and I was like okay no

I wasn't planning on dying my hair yet

just because I kind of like the color

then my hair faded too it's like this

weird ashy purple color I really don't

know how to describe it and you can't

really tell in video I don't want to

turn all the way around because I have a

weird like a like a ball flopping so

we're gonna do this do something that

cover that up a little bit but it's kind

of like I don't really know what color

it is I'm gonna be honest with you like

some lady at the airport was like what