How to Dye Hair at Home (Coloring Tips & Tricks)

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hey guys I've been dyeing my hair for

several years now so in this video I'm

going to share some tips and tricks on

how I freshen up my hair color I know I

need a color touch out when my ends are

lighter than my roots and the reason for

that is the ends are more porous so they

tend to pick up more color from the last

dye job and of course another indication

is if my roots are showing the first tip

is to prep your hair by keeping it

moisturized so the night before skip

shampoo and let the grease take over

what this will do is it will keep your

lips moisturized so that the colors will

sleep in evenly and also the natural

oils will protect your skin from

possible irritants in the dye if you

have long hair like I do then you can

easily miss a spot while you're dyeing

your hair so one of my favorite tips is