how I tint my eyebrows at home!!

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hi friends and welcome to today's video

as you can see very casual today I

mentioned that I've been dying my

eyebrows and a lot of people are like

hey how do you do that and I was

planning on showing you anyway so I was

like okay here we go these are all my

eyebrows look like currently I think

they still have some leftover beard die

if I had absolutely nothing in my

eyebrows like no dye or anything I don't

like this which I like to compare to an

alien of some sort because I thought

that I've been dying my eyebrows for the

last couple months it just makes me so

much happier whenever I take off my

makeup and it still looks like I'm a

human for this I use men's beard I this

is the moustache and beard just for men

not today the eyes in the shade m40

medium dark brown they have a bunch of