SMD Video: How to Dye Leather Colored Armor in Minecraft WIi U

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hey guys come on what are you having and

welcome back to a new episode

ah able to show you how to make all the

Seahawks jerseys they have their

original one is the blue helmet with the

blue pants well son they usually have

yellow and black boots nearly are black

so obviously black you have a blue

helmet with grey with grey a shirt and a

grey pants and black boots and my

favorite one is the blue helmet with the

lime green with the lime green shirt the

lion dance and the black boots I will

show you how you can make them alright

so first off you start with the blue you

just take your blue stuff you diet and

then you can either use yellow or black

for the boots if you want to because

that's what sometimes football player

wear with our boots and then you can

place the ring on all right place the or