Learn Stainless Steel Coloring Techniques on Balustrade, Railings & Post - By AMbros Custom

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hey guys welcome back to the channel for

this video I'm going to show you color

techniques which you can use onto

stainless steel articles and this will

definitely take your stainless steel

work to a new level so few days ago I

made a bracelet video and in that I do

this coloring process so I decided to

make an explained version of that video

if you didn't watch that video the link

is in the description you can check that

the basic principle is that if you heat

the stainless steel at a certain

temperature it will change its color

which you can see in this image for this

video I'm going to go with those colors

which you can get quite easily but

overall said you definitely needed to

pay attention while doing that otherwise

that color might shoot out so I'm going