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hello my name is Patrice and today I want to talk about the life of

maplestory and is it dying like I've been playing this game for about two months

now and I played like almost every day and like I've been changing guilds quite

often like I have to change a guild every couple of weeks or something or

every two weeks or something because people just quit you enter the guild

everybody's hyped everybody's playing like chaos dungeons but then after a

week half of the people are quit and then another week another half quit and

the guild dies like for example the last guild I'm in was moon and we were

on the 4th place about two weeks ago or even a week ago I'd say but if you look

at the general chat right now everybody is just everybody is going damn this

game didn't last long for half playerbase

a lot of people quit the child looks bad everybody is quitting the guild is dead

right now it's 105th place I cited this game with with three friends and two of

them quit about a few weeks in and the other guys stayed with me for a while

but then he quits as well after after he reached level 50 I want to talk about

this now this is my character I have level 53 characters level 50 and

free characters level 60 so the--the one shot which is my heavy gunner and one

blade i started to play with runner blader then i moved on and i thought he

was very boring class you just press one button heavy gunner and then i eve side

playing thief because have you gonna turn into pretty much the same just

pressing one button and thief was there like the hardest one and then they play