How to Make Colored Pasta - Dyeing Pasta Beads

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hey everybody today I wish I had make

this beautiful colored pasta that you

can use for beads or all kinds of little

crafty projects super simple super easy

and you probably have all of ingredients

in your pantry so let's get to it so for

this project you're going to need some


I chose rigatoni because that's nice big

holes and you're going to need some

alcohol rubbing alcohol or just play

little vodka works and then you're just

gonna need some food coloring so we want

to dye a bunch of different colors so I

took a small a ziplock bag and put it

over a mason jar so be easy to fill up

and then just put a couple handfuls of

your pasta in then add 1 teaspoon of

alcohol and about 10 to 20 drops of food

coloring depending on how dark you want

your pasta seal up the bag and then give