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what's up guys it's Logan so I just

wanted to come and give a special thank

you a special shout out to all of my

subscribers you know what I'm saying

we just reached 10,000 subscribers

that's crazy you know no saying I would

have never thought that when I first

started this channel I would have 10,000

people actually interested and what I

have to say in the content that I'm

creating but I just want to say thank

you guys I thank you guys for all the

support as a celebratory video I'm gonna

be doing a Q&A and my next video for you

guys just to answer any of the questions

that you guys have for me about dreams

so just about personal life anything you

guys want to know about me go had an s

in the comment section below and I will

be referring to this comment section as

well as the rest of my comments um to