How to Dye Fabric: Rit All-Purpose Dye

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with rit all-purpose

Dye you can dye fabrics containing natural fibers like Cotton linen wool or silk and also Rayon and Nylon

I'm going to dye samples of a bunch of different fabrics and see what happens.

Pre-Wash the fabric to remove any finishes, so the dye will absorb better.

Use enough water

so the fabric can move around freely

The hotter the water the better, so use really hot tap water or heat the water until it's almost boiling.

From here you can use the stove top method where you keep the dye bath on a low simmer throughout

which will get the darkest richest colors or you can dye in a container or a stainless steel sink.

I'm dyeing the samples in two batches because some of the fabric like salt added and some likes vinegar instead.

Shake the Dye well and add it to the water.

as a general guideline for

every pound of fabric use half a bottle of liquid dye or one package of powdered dye in three gallons of water

To get dark or saturated colors double the amount of dye. I'm using half a cup and each to get a very saturated purple

Add salt to the dye bath for Cotton linen and Rayon fabrics or add vinegar for silk wool and Nylon fabrics

I'm adding about half a cup of each, but add more for larger projects

Stir well

Put the wet fabric in the dye bath. In the salt dye bath, I'm putting in bleached and unbleached Muslin

100% Cotton broadcloth and two different poly cotton blends

Natural canvas

Cotton Jersey