The Leather Element: Six Ways to Dye Leather

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I am Chuck Dorset for Weaver

leathercraft and this is the weather

element if you've got a good question

for us we're a good idea for leather

element drop it in the comment box below

now this week we've got a trick got a

tip coming up but before we get to that

major milestone for us we just passed

100,000 subscribers on YouTube thank you

so very much from the bottom of my heart

and from each and every one of us at

Weaver leather craft a big thank you but

to take that a step further the biggest

stress point in my job is we're not

marking on a video is it going to be

helpful is it easy understand is it even

going to go over judging from your

comments they do and I read every

comment and I cannot tell you how much I

appreciate your critius comments thank

you so very much all right do you