DIY - How to Dye Leather Boots

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hi everyone so I am back with a DIY

video and in this video I'm going to

show you how I dyed my cowboy boots

so these cowboy boots were a very dirty

looking gray color and I did like them

and I wore them a bunch of times and I

was happy with them but after having the

gray boots for a number of years I just

thought I needed a pair of black casual

boots that I could just pop on and off

really quickly and I thought why not

change my gray buds to something that I

loved even more so I went ahead and I

dyed them black I am in love with them

and I wore them a bunch of times already

just really really happy with the way

they turned out so I'm going to show you

the process in this video now some of

you may recall that I posted a video a

few years back on how to dye a leather

handbag and I still have the handbag