Color-Changing Kinetic Sand- #MarthaandFiggy

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hi there I'm professor figgy and this is

kids lab now as you may know there are

three states of matter solid like this

marble tabletop liquid like this water

here and gas like the air that we

breathe but did you know that some

materials don't fit into just one of

these categories today on kids lab we're

going to make kinetic sand which shows

both properties of liquid and solid

which makes it a material known as a

non-newtonian fluid here in this bowl I

have one cup of plain sand now if you

get your sand and it's a little wet

you're going to want to bake it in the

oven at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes

until it's completely dry and then

you'll want to let it cool entirely

before you handle it and we're going to

add six tablespoons of cornstarch to it

like that and then to make this kinetic