How To Dye Kanekalon Hair

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hi beautiful I'm here to show you how I

am bury my box braids by using acrylic

ink and alcohol


you would need super pigmented acrylic

ink from the brand speedball not paint

but eat I wish somebody would have told

me all the things I'm going to tell you

right now so make sure you listen very

carefully you need to go online just to

see what colors they have Michaels and

Joanne's are the two stores that are

very known to have this ink I would call

them before you make a purchase to see

if they have the color you need if you

choose to call Michaels and Joanne let

them know that it's so cruel a kick in

the jar and not the pens and sometimes

they like to say they don't have it but

most of the time they probably do have