How To: Dip Dye Your Hair!! | by tashaleelyn

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so weird

something with a white wall isn't it I

don't know it's I feel like it's taking

me back to my beginner days of YouTube

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

today I'm going to be doing a video that

has been highly requested and I mean

like ever since I did that hair chalk

video it's been like once a week I get

asked to do this and if you haven't

guessed it by the title and by my hair

it is a dip dye video so I'm gonna be

going mint I think feel like I have to

like put a disclaimer out there because

you're all like go mint and I'm like I'm

doing it hang on I'm going to be going

mint but I really wanted to try this

like pink and purple thing and I figured

it's a lot easier to do it now than it

is to go mint and then I have to try to