How To Make Your Faded Jeans Black Again In Just 5 Minutes|TheDIYGirl

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hey guys insomnia and welcome back to my

channel so today I'll be showing you how

you can make your own faded jeans black

again and that too in just five minutes

okay so first take three mugs of water

and add it in a boiler pan here I'm

using the bathroom mug then add about

five to seven teaspoon of salt in it

here I'm using the cooking salt okay so

once it is boiled turn off the stove and

pour this boiled water in a useless

bucket now make sure you use a packet

which is not new or you have no issue it

being dyed in color add a little bit of

regular water in the bucket to make it a

little less hot than it is then I'm

taking this dye now you can get these

for just ten rupees on any button and

laced or they usually keep these like

any fabric related or fashion related

stores and here I'm adding the entire