Conan Exiles Dye System Tutorial

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this is your one and only fire spark 81

your daily dose of video goodness and

today we are taking a look at everything

you need to know about the new dye

system and Konan exile or to talk about

how you get the dyes and how you make

them and all that good stuff everything

from start to finish so let's get to it

so if we go into our inventory here

there's a few recipes that you're going

to need to learn in order to make dyes

so to start off you're going to need

your apprentice craftsman that's going

to lead you into the blacksmith and you

are also going to need to unlock the

experienced survivalist that's going to

allow you to unlock the journeyman

craftsman and then finally you're going

to need the fire Bowl cauldron now that

that's the items that you're going to

need initially and you're also going to