7 Days to Die Painting Guide | Introduction to new Painting System | Beginners guide

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hello guys and girls and welcome back to

another 7 days to die guide are you

interested in painting your house to

look like it's made entirely out of

metal even though it's just plain old

wood or maybe you're just bored and

would like to paint well in this guide

we will go over the new painting system

alpha 16 brought us so let's get right

in alright before we actually start

painting we need to make a paintbrush

and some paint to craft the paintbrush

you will need two pieces of wood and one

hide keep in mind that quality of the

brush depends on the tools mitting perk

and to craft some paint you will need to

mix chrysanthemum cotton goldenrod

flower and bottled murky water inside

chemistry station one batch gives you 50

paint when you have the paintbrush

equipped holding reload button will open