Terraria Dyes Guide! Dye Trader & Dye Vat Tutorial! ALL dyes, all platforms! (Mobile, 1.3+ etc.)

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hey everybody so today I am bringing you

my complete guide to dies in terraria

including the die trader and how to get

them all that stuff how to craft them

how to make them how to obtain them if

they're not craftable so dyes are used

to tint or recolor clothes armors

accessories equipment even pets and

grappling hooks and stuff so dyes most

most of the original basic dyes are

crafted from unique dye materials also

on one point three plus for those

platforms that have the update as

rewards for retrieving strange plants

you get special dyes as rewards so I am

covering all platforms including PC

mobile console pre 1.3 platforms and

post 1.3 platforms so think about the

pre 1.3 platforms is that they do not

have the separate equipment and pet

slots so you cannot die pets and