How To Dye Armor in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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I've been trying forever to make dyed

armor and Pocket Edition but the whole

crafting table and armor thing doesn't

work how do you do it in Pocket Edition

hello everybody welcome to oMG crafts

I'm your host oMG Chad so as the tease

tease did you can't make armor in the

normal way color armor inside of Pocket

Edition so how do you do it it is very

different from PC Edition

but it not only is it faster but it

makes a lot more sense so let me show

you how it works so we are inside of

Minecraft Pocket Edition it looks like

not Pocket Edition but that is because

I'm using Windows 10 Edition which is

the same as Pocket Edition so it is very

simple I'm loving that Pocket Edition is

using cauldrons more and more in order

to do things inside of Minecraft so the

first thing we're obviously going to