ARK Survival How to make dye!

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what's up guys welcome to another video

much nan-oh and today I'm going to be

showing you how to make dye for clothing

and or weapons the first thing you're

gonna need is a cooking pot which is

located right here number 8 and then

you're gonna craft it

send me some stone


all right you're kind of crashed it

I'm going to take this what out of here

all right now the material you need is

wood and you need water so what you want

to do is craft or water skin which we'd

be crap where is it oh it is alright so

you craft this I'm gonna spread out my

heart and then you go to the water press

the button is on both the skill okay so

you put the wood in here and then this

now there's different colors of course

so like let's see it want right you get