How I Dye My Hair White & Mistakes To Avoid!

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hey it's your girl Jame

Emily Utley holistic lifestyle maven and

possibility trainer welcome back to the

channel possibilities so as you can see

young storm is in the building so today

I figured that I would share with you

guys how I dyed my hair white if you are

not following your girl on Instagram

follow me on Instagram right right now

okay ya'll said on instagram hey Jame

how would you get your hair white look I

got a number of dm's like janae how did

you do that are you going to do a video

on it and I was like yeah of course

y'all know I have you so typically on my

channel people do really enjoy my hair

videos which I'm so glad about so if

you're here for the first time and you

here because of hair I want to encourage

you and invite you to stick around for