Dark Brown to Silver Hair | 3 Step Tutorial

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all right so first thing is first I got

some color fix by one and only with

argan oil that stuff really takes the

color out of your hair like crazy

especially if you have blonde underneath

that's just waiting to come out I also

got some blue tinted bleach and along

with that I'm going to use 40 volume

developer because I'm coming from a very

dark brown and so is my natural color

it's a medium to dark brown so that's

going to be very handy and inside of

that I'm going to also put this in this

inside apparently these two things act

as olaplex pretty much they're about the

same thing so that's going to be all in

there it helps keep your hair nice and

strong while you're bleaching it so it

doesn't fry next I'm going to tone my

hair with 20 volume developer and t14