How To Get Gray Hair - WELLA: COOLING VIOLET 050

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so we all know gray hair have begun a

really big trend on the internet

especially last year and almost everyone

had it the most popular colors that a

lot of people have been using to achieve

this look as well as calling my little

sis T so today I try to record it and

put on the test to see if the results

will become you know what you are so

prefer to do less custard so I do want

to mention them in that professional

hairdressers so if you're doing this at

home please color it at your own risk

and let's get started so before coloring

make sure you have Creed light in here

for my sister we lighten through here

two times and then we toned it with the

well of t 40 get this color here and if

you can see there are two spots that was

enlightening us so when we actually

toned it it came out a little orange e