★ Mermaid Hair Color Transformation ★

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oh my gosh guys today's transformation

is gonna be absolutely incredible this

is Ashley she has a normal kind of

brownish blond color and we are taking

her to wait for it oh my gosh like this

draw dropping incredible purple pink

blue green hair color so let's get onto

the transformation so to lighten her

hair I used blonde me Lightner and 30

volume and of course I used olaplex um

here I show you my measurement of my

olaplex I used quite a bit of Lightner

on her hair and I just mix that into my

formula to save her hair and let me tell

you it has helped so much so I'm doing a

Platinum Card where every single strand

of hair is in a foil you guys can see I

have a thousand foils in her head every

single hair is in a foil it is not left

out and I actually stayed about an inch

away from the root because I wanted to