How to get dyed tips in your hair in 2k19.

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oh yeah what up y'all I'm back with

another video and um yesterday guys I'm

gonna be showing you how my commute

I'm tribute today I'm gonna be showing

you how to get tipsy like like get your

tips died in your hair

so yeah the I've been seeing a lot of

people who wanted to know how to do this

how do you get tips your hair you have

me telling me because I've got no cloud

of nothing much of it but I've been

seeing people like coming under other

videos how you get dyed tape Co her so

I'm here to tell y'all so yeah I don't

know why this is empty you're nothing

but yeah let's get into it

oh yeah first off you go to my player

I'm trivia do you go to my player

appearance they didn't click whatever

head you got I got this hair I got this

one and click it you know then you click