How I Color My Hair Blue and Purple: Full Tutorial! | ChromaCrowns

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hey everyone it's Jen and welcome to the

chroma crown youtube channel now this is

part 2 of my two-part video explaining

how I did my hair now hopefully you guys

got here

from the first video where I explained

how I use the Malibu sea DDL crystals to

lift my hair a little bit to get it

ready for the color application which

you will see in this video now in this

video I used a combination of Pravana

Vivid's and also joy co color intensity

to create this look now in the first

video i already explained this but I

figure I should explain it again now

this color has now been faded for three

weeks including one full week in Hawaii

snorkeling swimming being out in the Sun

exposed to UV rays and I'm thinking the

colors holding on pretty well so in this

video I will explain to you how I mixed