How To Change The Color Of Grout In 60 Seconds

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big surprise we're backing you up there

we go let me continue with the theme on

on a grout we have tile this is a white

marble eyes how we're actually gonna

entrust the crown issues on has a white

crown but maybe after petal button you

decide you get a really would have

rather had great ground the good news is

you can change the color now they make

color see what's available again at the

big boxes or author stores or five

stores so you want to pick up a stain

ground coloring make sure that the grout

lines are all clean you don't want to

try and color it over so put dark that's

already in the ground so you want to

take the white vinegar that we talked

about before you want to get into the

grout lines to make sure it's good and

clean and dry before you start and we've