How to Color Stubborn Gray Hair

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hi everyone I'm Deena I'm my colorist

here at Madison Reed I'm also on our

color crew so I've probably spoken to

quite a few of you so hi in this

tutorial I'm gonna show you how I went

from this to this I have a lot of gray

hair I've been resistant and I started

graying as early as 16 so it's something

that runs in my family and I'm sure some

of you can relate to that as well so

let's get started to start I'm gonna

clip up my hair into four sections if

your hair is on the shorter side don't

worry so much about the clips sometimes

you can just maybe clip up the front

half of your hair so you can just use

two clips we also include the barrier

cream inside your kit what this does it

prevent staining along your skin and

your ears and what you want to do is be

careful not to use too much because you