How To Tint Glass

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Hi there Lindsay here the frugal crafter today

I'm going to show you how to easily tint a glass because I was at the em, at a like...

actually the place I used to sell my artwork is at an antiques mall and I actually was at an antiques mall today looking for I

wanted a funky old ashtray because I wanted to use it as a brush holder because but what I'm working like on a watercolor

I've got my brushes usually all over my table. They're rolling off

I wanted something where I could lay a bunch down while they're you know

wet like after I rinse them off and let them dry before I put them away and

Also just have him out while I'm working and I didn't find any ashtrays

The the owner told me the ashtrays really don't sell anymore

So people stopped bringing them in to sell

but then I found this set of two clear glass dishes and

They were only a dollar

25 for the set of both of them and I thought, you know what? they're kind of pretty as they are

but I thought they'd be really pretty if I colored them with some alcohol ink and

and I got this really pretty tinted look but this happened after I made a complete mess and wasted a ton of alcohol ink so

I'm gonna insert a picture of that because I did take a picture of it cos

It's kind of funny cuz I've made such a mess with my hands


I used way too much and way too dark ink and I didn't like the look

But then as I was cleaning it off cuz that's a good thing about alcohol ink you can clean it off

I had a little bit of a tint left