FFXIV ARR - Unlocking the Dye System (Guide to Color Your World)

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ladies and gentlemen are you tired of

looking like every other adventure out

knowers yeah are you tired of the same

old dull colors or maybe you got a piece

of gear that happened to be a color you

really didn't like do you want to stand

out from the crowd and make your own

personal statement with your gear then

great I'm going to teach you how to

unlock dies and Final Fantasy 14 by

completing the color your world quest to

start things off the quest begins right

around level 15 which means you should

have your airship by now this is great

because the quest takes place in will da

and 2/3 of you are going to need a way

to get there once you've arrived in old

da by airship you're going to want to

talk to the lift attendant tell him that

you want to ride the lift to the Ruby

Road exchange this will take you right