DIY Spray Dye Upholstery Like a Pro! *It Cost $20 to Dye This Chair* How to Die Furniture Fabric!

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DIY Spray Dye Upholstery

How to get this look!

If you happen to have a little green machine, a little cleaning machine,

that is perfect for this or one of the pet mess clean up little wet vacs that

is great. Second to that if you have a wet vac, a

shop vac that is a wet vac in your garage, that will work awesome for

furniture. Just make sure it's a wet/dry vac just not a dry vac. So if you're

using the wet vac, spray on your cleaner. I use carpet cleaner. Scrub it in

with your scrub brush and then really if you're doing this, the more moisture you

can get in there, this is just plain water at this point, the more moisture

you can get in the more stuff you can remove. You don't want to over saturate

it but if you can get a good amount of moisture in there you can see I think

how this kind of fluffs this upholstery up. It will just look better the more

dirt you can get out of it. If you don't have a wet vac or a little green

machine, do the carpet cleaner, then the water, take your scrub brush and scrub.

Now the important thing to this is to get up all of the moisture that you can.

When you get up the moisture that is what is gonna get the dirt up out of

here. So don't just spray it in there and let it soak in, spray it in there and

clean it. if I was doing this by hand I would come back over this several

times because the more you do, the more stuff you're going to get out of there

and that is just gonna make for better dye job on this fabric. It