How to Stain Wood with Fabric Dye!

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all right so today I'm going to show you

how to stain wood with fabric dye and

this is an idea I got from a commenter

in another video and I thought I'd try

it out and it works awesome so let me

show you alright so for the sample in

the video here I'm just using the piece

of pine and I went ahead and I sanded it

with 1:20 to kind of get rid of all the

rough edges and then I finished it by

smoothing it with 220 grit sandpaper so

that it's really nice and slick and

hopefully that will help the stain go on

a little more evenly as well now if

you're using a rougher piece of wood or

like pallet wood or barn wood where has

saw march or just different you know

dips and dives and gouges and texture

and all that kind of stuff those areas

are gonna catch the stain or the dye