HOW TO DYE WATER - Minecraft PE 1.5.3 (No Addons // No Mods)

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what is it castle mantis here today I am

back with on video and disputes about

how to die so as you see on the bottom

you can see the tide water the dead

water or God what I'm just really bad at

jokes and as you see this is a water

like actual water so yeah this is like

you can swim and this is like yeah I

know this is pretty cool yeah so let's

get into the making of this died so you

don't need any add-ons or anything like

that so I'm gonna be going right here

yes neat settings and as you see there

is no add-ons like there's nothing

global resources is nothing nothing

nothing so yeah the first step is to get

yourself a cauldron and then ax die any

color of your choice any color okay say

as you see if you're playing on that

quarter cup day so I think it's 1.5 or

higher on point for then if you do this