How To Apply Skins And Paint Jobs In Fallout 4 | Creation Club Mods

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hello everyone in this video I'm gonna

be showing you how to apply skins or

paint jobs to the sole survivors armor

weapons pip-boy and power armor I will

start with armor paint jobs you want to

walk up to your armored workbench and

hit the craft button from there you can

select a piece of armor you would like

to modify once you select a harbor piece

scroll down to the bottom of the mod

slots list and click on paint after you

click on that all armor paint jobs that

have been downloaded through creation

Club will be visible these armor paint

jobs can require different materials to

build here you can see this paint job

can be crafted with one lat and one oil

click build and your armor will now be

painted with the skin of your choice if

I change over to a metal chest piece it

requires one oil and one steel to craft