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hey guys so today I'm going to be doing

a video on how I dye my eyelashes I've

naturally at blonde eyelashes and I like

them to be a little bit darker for sorry

for the dates that I do not wear mascara

I recently started researching this and

I did it once before and I've done to my

mom my aunt um so I thought I would just

share it with you because I'm obsessed

with it the products that I use I got

from Amazon and they're by the brand a

very well and Augenblick oh no they're

both very well so all that you really

need to get is the developer which is

ten volume three percent and then I got

the black um so yeah I heard that this

brand made your lashes the darkest I

know they sell some at Sally's but I

read review saying that I didn't make

them like super jet black so I wanted to

try this one and it was fairly