EYEBROW HACK | How to Tint Your Eyebrows at Home FOR CHEAP! ft. Just for Men Beard Dye

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hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Ashley VIN you and if you're not

welcome back before this video starts

don't forget to the kids video big

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a comment so for today's video I'm going

to do something crazy a little bit risky

and maybe got a stupid I'm going to be

ten teen my eyebrows myself I saw this

little eyebrow hack on Twitter it says

to use man's beard I to dye your

eyebrows and I'm working some videos on

YouTube and so more successful and

somewhat so I figured why not just try

it out for myself to see if it works cuz

I need to save some points and start

tensing my eyebrows myself cuz that

thing is getting a little bit too

expensive for me I want to target and I

take the the beard I it sets used to be