How to Make Colored Epoxy Resin

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hi I'm Toby with advantage lumber today

we're going to do a film on epoxy

colorant on wooden slabs this particular

persimmon has black fill and it matches

the grain line perfectly what we're

gonna do is go out to the warehouse and

we're gonna do our blue fill from wood

slabs calm on a piece of Coco bola for a

nice vibrant look after it gets dried

cured sprayed with its finish we'll make

sure we get you some finished product

pictures okay so let's head out to the

shop and get a handle

before you start your project make sure

you have all your supplies in order

because once you mix these two parts

together they will start to activate and

your time is limited at that point for

this project we will use West Systems

105 epoxy resin 207 hardener ocean blue