The Division 2 - All 10 Gear Dye Locations for Character Customization (Gear and Weapon Camos)

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maccas guides hey guys

Mackey here with another Division two

video now I am grinding my way past

level 450 in terms of gear score and

tomorrow I'm gonna show you guys how to

craft an exotic blueprint for the desert

eagle but today I wanted to show you a

little bit of character customization

and show you how to unlock all ten of

the gear dyes which are basically just

ways to do character customization and

make your gear a specific color or

pattern now there are 10 unique gear

dyes that you will find in gear crates

scattered around the world and there are

a lot more than just ten gear crates so

there are more crates than you need

which is why I'll be able to show you

twelve in the video although you'll only

need to do the first ten and they are

random so you will not get the exact