Destiny 2: HOW TO CHANGE ARMOR GLOW COLORS! (Green, Pink, Yellow, and More!) - Solstice of Heroes!

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hey everyone today's video we'll be

covering armor glows and how to achieve

different colors shades brightness and

overall how armor glows work so as you

can see in the video unlocking a pink

armor glow look there are a bunch of

different combinations you can use to

make it look like you're using armor

glows that don't exist those of you who

play destiny one will remember that it

had a similar thing called chroma that

came in a bunch of different colors blue

green magenta orange red yellow and

white in destiny 2 you can actually use

shaders to manipulate the blue orange

and purple armor glows to turn them into

different colors which is something you

couldn't do with chroma and destiny 1 so

to get this pink look on the three

pieces of Soltis gear I'm wearing I have

a void glow equipped I have matched the