Dyeing Bright Clothes BLACK! (Thrifty Goth DIY)

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hey guys it's created today we're going

to be doing a little bit of a

modification video you know how much you

guys love these but today I have a

little bit of an experimental time video

I've never done this type of experiment

before where we're dying articles of

clothing that are really light and

vibrant the color black what just idea

of it sounds are exciting I have dyed

black clothing that was kind of faded

black and that was accessible obviously

and some like colors actually turn black

and well that is more likely to work

compared to dying for me that is burning

light and vibrant black so this is a

little bit of an experiment that I have

to share with you I am so excited

because I'm going to be going over the

whole process of everything I do and

then we're all going to see the final