How to Dye Your Hair Purple (NO BLEACH)!!!!

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hey YouTube so the other day my friend

Suzanne asked me if I would dye her hair

purple so of course I said yes

we started off with a jar of plum from

donkey color

however halfway through the process we

found out that that was not enough to

cover Susanna's hair luckily we managed

to save the day and I think the tutorial

turned out pretty great hope you guys

like it okay so what you're gonna need

is dye brushable oil slim shiny

something like that hair color blush

brush okay and a friend I actually know

a secret that I've never heard anyone

else say but Clorox wipes get dye off of

your skin amazingly well thanks I'm

erasing I'm get rid of all your I can

speed up the audio though they sound

like mom so slow it down when we

sound like we're running low on light