Going to Blonde at Home | Black to Blonde Hair Transformation

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hi guys it's Amanda here welcome back to

my channel so today big everybody's

about fall today I gonna go blonde well

I'm gonna do the first bleaching process

today this is not a tutorial by any

means this is just me going blonde

having a quarter life crisis thank you

but first I need to cut my hair a little

bit shorter than I wanted to be like no

I'm sorry a little bit longer than I

want it to be so that I don't have to

bleach like extra hair you know then

we'll maybe shoulder-length something

like that like a longer bob but I don't

want so these ends are like already

bleached so like I don't want to keep

these like I don't not gonna even deal

with that it I'm just gonna cut it off

it's not like you don't know what you're

doing I kind of know what I'm doing

I kind of know end it I don't what okay