Dying My Hair Dark Brown At Home + Color Maintenance

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hey guys so today I'm finally making

that video that I've been leading you

guys on for like a month now about how I

dyed my hair from blonde to this dark

brown color that I have now to give you

a little background about my hair

my hair is naturally dark brown I

actually have about three inches of

roots growing in right now um so you

guys can see this is pretty much the

natural hair color that I started off

with except my hair has been processed

like three times and bleach death around

two years ago in my senior year of high

school I started balling the bottoms

just bleaching it like one or two shades

lighter and that was kind of just my

gateway drug into this whole hair dyeing

fiasco around a year ago I started this

mission to go platinum blonde because I

had it in my head that if it looked good