Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Dye Clothes and Change Armor Color

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you can change the color of Link's

clothing and armor in the Legend of

Zelda breath of the wild

this video covers where to change

clothing color and how to change the

color of Lynx gear you can gain access

to this ability moderately early in the

game especially if you had two hats Ino

village and the Kochi die shop as soon

as possible the first location where you

can change the color of Lynx garb is at

the Hat Ino village to the far east on

the world map from the dueling Peaks

table follow the road to the north until

you hit the fork then continue to the

east until you run right into Hattie no

village once you arrive at the village

the coachee dye shop is located around

the middle of the village to the right

of the main path head inside and speak

with Seiji to discuss your dire quest he