Minecraft: How To Make Carpet! [1.6.1]

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hey guys Jess Q here and welcome to a

video showing you how to make carpet

which is what I've got in my hand right

here in the new update one point six

point one on minecraft now as you can

see in the background there also horses

if you actually want to watch the video

and what the best armor is for the

horses which they have on right now

please go and watch that it'll be linked

in the description and actually at the

end of the video in the outro and yeah

please go check that out is pretty epic

and yet basically I want to show you how

to make this carpet now carpeting this

you basically put it down and it's like

one layer thick of wool we're not a

layer thick it's just kind of a little

topping like snow wall is well look at

that's just um that's pretty cool

you can make kind of weird-ass layers